The Spectral Imaging Laboratory is located in a research development zone of Pasadena, California. The facility includes 4000 square feet of research grade optical, electronic, and chemical laboratory space plus a small machine shop. The laboratory space has anti-electrostatic floors, three large optical tables, a class 10 laminar flow clean bench, an externally vented fume hood, and all of the necessary illumination and measurement equipment to build and test imaging systems and spectrometers. The work environments meet all federal, state of California, and county of Los Angeles environmental laws.


Some of the test hardware includes: a 0.2 - 20 μm imaging monochromator, an 8 inch uniform source sphere, several black body sources, a 4 inch aperture Fizeau interferometer, a pulsed 10.6 μm CO2 gas laser, a CW 10.6 μm solid state laser, a pulsed 1064 nm NdYag laser, a pulsed 1500 nm solid state laser, varioius laser power meters, an assortment of visible, mid-wave IR, and long-wave IR cameras. A wide assortment of optical mounts and components can be bolted onto either a 4' ×12' or two 4' × 8' anti-vibration optical tables. The machine shop includes a vertical milling maching and a horizontal lathe for manufacturing of custom mounts.


The laboratory has a number of workstations with access to the following application software: Zemax, Autodesk Inventor, Matlab, and LabView.